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La mode a commencé a être documenté par la Gazette du Bon Ton, il y'a presque un siècle . Les temps ont changé et aujourd'hui on a envie de dire et "La Gazette Du Mauvais Gout"?Car comme disait Friedrich Nietzsche: "Le mauvais gout a son droit autant que le bon gout".Et il avait raison. Nous le revendiquons, le mauvais gout est plus que jamais le nouveau bon gout. Les fringues et les looks les plus ploucs deviennent toujours un jour ou l'autre les plus cool. Et c'est exactement de ça dont je vais vous parler."SMACK MY KITSCH UP!" Dora Moutot.

Fashion started to be documented by La Gazette Du Bon Ton (La Gazette of Good Taste), almost one century ago. Times changed and today, we feel like saying "and La Gazette du Mauvais gout"?(La Gazette of Bad taste). As Friedrich Nietzsche said " Bad taste has as much rights than Good taste". We're cleaming it, Bad taste is more than ever the new good taste. The most bumpkins outfits and looks always become, one day or another, the coolest. And this is exactly what we're going to talk about here. "SMACK MY KITSCH UP!"Dora Moutot.

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Voila pourquoi mon mauvais gout et moi ont vous a un peu abandonné ses derniers temps.
This is why my bad taste and I were busy.


LIVING A LIFE WITHOUT PASSION IS UNFORGIVABLE. Why be boring when you could be exciting? Let's forget our clichés of maniacs being freaks and creeps- having a mania is not always something negative. Quite the opposite, having an obsession can lead to something far more creative.

Tired of the repetitive stance of elitist fashion magazines, interviewing models and hit starts that usually have little to give but their pretty face, here is a whole other world of people. They're exploting their manias to reach something creative, be it through their bodies, a business or lifestyle. Let's redefine fashion, one obsession at a time.

The world is such an exciting place, it seems very strange to us to persistently fake it. Fashion is far beyond "fashion", it is in the dog sweater of a poodle owner just as much as it is in the rubber swastika suit of a fetish freak. Driven by people just as they feed themselves on their particular folly, we take their mania to the forefront of fashion to celebrate their uniqueness. Different passions, addictions and decications-all so rich in their depth and meaning, some are a lifelong devotion, others a craze of the moment. And yet always so varied in their aesthetic manifestations. We've been shocked, amused, enterntained, laughed very hard and ultimately inspired. We've been in dark cellars and dungeons, deep woods, on top of stages, knocked on holly buildings, slipped into furry costumes, and LOL'd a lot! Mania is about going out to a punk squart party one night, waking up for the last Jean Paul Gaultier show and ending up at the bar with a drag queen. We saw as voyeurs and lived as particpants entering private worlds. Mania is beyond lunacy. It is an invitation to a rollecoaster, to walk the wrong way down the street, entering a strange front door.

Dora, Sophie, Anna, Robert and Mona- MANIA MAGAZINE TEAM.

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